Graphic Arts

I have been creating graphic imagery for over 20 years ranging from logo/brand development, business marketing collateral and websites focused on Artistic Business Endeavors. My studies started in my high school graphic arts classes which provided me a substantial foundation and developed my skill set while building my motorcycle customization business. As an entrepreneur I was able to develop a brand and marketing to sell True Kustom products all over the world.

I am not a quick flip graphic designer. My focus has been to develop brand and logos to stand the test of time with the biggest names in business. When I think about developing a brand I look to McDonalds, Target, Intel, Apple as reference to building a simple, clean logo that immediately speaks to the client base. This is no easy task. It takes working closely with my client to find the drive, direction and concept of their business and seek to find the quickest, most clear way to get the business point across and make in extremely memorable.

Business Graphic Designs

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Vehicle Graphic Designs.

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